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As long as I ignore your voice
I'll tell myself there's still a choice
Feel free to call it "blasphemy"
You know there's nothing wrong with me
Your life is all about control
The pain still ravishes my soul
Blood's never been my enemy
You know there's nothing wrong with me
You deny all love, compassion and pain
And I'm the one declared insane?!
I'll Draw you violence's anatomy
Admit it, nothing's wrong with me!
My blood already frozen black
So take your knife out of my back
Maybe when I die I'll finally see
What's really been so wrong with me
:iconnitzanhavoc:NitzanHavoc 1 0
I am not actually here
A shadow of a self
Dismiss me as a memory
Take me off your shelf
I have no flesh, no blood, no soul
No name and not a face
Forget that which you thought you knew
Undo. Delete. Erase.
Remove my falsely dreamed existence
From eyes and heart and head
Remember I was never here
And this was never read.
:iconnitzanhavoc:NitzanHavoc 1 3
Poetry Genesis
This paper is my world
And I'm its maker
My hand is an Almighty's act
My black ink is light
And my world is in chaos
Without me
By my will I create
By my fury I undo
By my love I feel
I, change: rules")
I bre
k  e.
I'm a creator of my universe of paper
A prophet of my words of Man
You cannot understand nor grasp
You must feel.
:iconnitzanhavoc:NitzanHavoc 2 2
Saturday Morning
The sun gnaws at the rotting cadaver
Of a fallen dream in bed
Whispers of television's parallel reality
Echoing from a dead living-room
The anxious smell of nothing
The empty taste of longing
A room overlooked
A narrow hallway
Bathroom to the left
Bits and pieces of mess and soap
The cold sensation of a wet towel
The sad voice of a bleeding water tap
Drip, drip, drip...
Mommy couldn't repair it
A dirty kitchen
The disappointed smell of a breakfast unprepared
The terrifying sound of a sneering cockroach
A torn wrinkled kodac moment
Sister in the living dead-room
Too young to notice, too old to hope
Mommy couldn't help it
A bedroom. Hush. Mommy's asleep.
Soon she'll awaken
With the sounds of fear
The screams. Was I that bad?
The lonely taste of tears
The unforgiving emptiness of an absent hug
Sister's cries. Is she not accustomed yet?
Learn what love is. It isn't you.
A fatherless house. Daddy still loves us.
He sees us almost every weekend.
We desperately try to use bedtime stories, mov
:iconnitzanhavoc:NitzanHavoc 7 11
The days we lived were never lit
For we were unconscious
We sabotaged my human rights
While fighting against a conscience
"To live" is but a job description
Have you learnt what's it like to un-pray?
Well, did you ever force your God
To hear what you had to say?
The little voice inside my heart is here
Trying to tell us lies
Now we're in love with deception
Deaf to blood and cries
So why don't we rebel today at last?
Scream with bells and chimes
Stand up proud and tell the world
It's guilty of our crimes
Lost in hopes of false illusions
There's no place for us
Walk the earth so we can say we did
Just like tourists in a bus
The little voice inside our hearts is dead
But the lies still live
Now the world can disown our souls
We've nothing left to give
:iconnitzanhavoc:NitzanHavoc 2 2
I want you to hate me
I want you to fear
It shows that you see me
it proves I'm still here
:iconnitzanhavoc:NitzanHavoc 0 0
Past Tense
Hope is beyond the sky
Death is beyond my cry
Evil is beyond misery
Pain is beyond mystery
And love, it's beyond history
So were you and I.
:iconnitzanhavoc:NitzanHavoc 5 4
Weapons of Self Destruction
Loading: program="Weapons" inhale,exhale.
Load Successful.
Be careful.
Television -
    is a method of self destruction
Paper -
    is a method of self destruction
Cigarettes -
    are a method of self destruction
Alcohol -
    is a method of self destruction
Drugs -
    are a method of self destruction
Junk Food -
    is a method of self destruction
Red Meat -
    is a method of self destruction
Candy -
    is a method of self destruction
Religion -
    is a method of self destruction
Faith -
    is a method of self destruction
Trust -
    is a method of self destruction
God -
    is a method of self destruction
Love -
    is a method of self destruction
Hate -
    is a method of self destruction
Emotion -
:iconnitzanhavoc:NitzanHavoc 0 2
Hello traitor, feel at home
Here's the hell in which I roam
Try forgetting what you see
Every time you look at me
You wish to silent out the cries?
Then by all means, take my eyes
Now you'll be their servant too
And I don't need them to see you
What have I done, my hands unclean
How did I conjure this machine?
I swear I would have let you live
Had I been taught how to forgive
Hello liar, welcome back
I always wait for sneak attacks
Mind your steps, don't start to slack
Remember when you had my back?
I might want to play pretend
But with no rules I just offend
Triumph now and watch the end
Go ahead, indulge me, "friend"
Hello freak, stare back at me
Reflect all my reality
So I can watch myself transform
Become this demon, become a storm
I scream and shout and cry and break
Destroying for destruction's sake
The pain too great, the rage too strong
They have been winning all along
What have I done, my bloody hand
The faces had one last demand
I swear I would've let you live
Had I just know
:iconnitzanhavoc:NitzanHavoc 3 2
My Gift to You
Up the mountain we shall go
Like fire we burn, like rivers flow
Sticks and stones might break one's bones
But your words too reach fatal tones
I sense in you, you hurt, you fear
The way you hide it when I'm near
When you are lost in darkness hollow
My trail of blood's for you to follow
The raindrops and the blood of me
Dance to rhythms of blasphemy
Don't tell me you are blind to see
The torrents of hypocrisy
This world is for insects and apes
So you, my angel, must escape
My loving blade shall run you through
And thus I'll grant my gift to you
:iconnitzanhavoc:NitzanHavoc 1 0
Mature content
My Favourite Things :iconnitzanhavoc:NitzanHavoc 0 0
Mature content
Injury :iconnitzanhavoc:NitzanHavoc 2 1
Mature content
My Angry Angel :iconnitzanhavoc:NitzanHavoc 2 0
Most Valued Possession
I dream in red of roses
dying of thirst.
You might follow, I'll go first
Rays of moon reunite within your embrace
Please let me sleep,
I'm dreaming of your face
I don't know the stinging warmth
of your frozen hands
Wanting and needing, generosity of demands
Pain hides minions behind your angelic eyes
Commanding twilight torments
and hordes of morning cries
Touch my hand, I'll touch your soul
Together in love and out of control
Blessed by a heart, or so it seems
Please don't wake me up,
at least I'll have my dreams.
:iconnitzanhavoc:NitzanHavoc 6 3
Morning Glory
And I called you morning glory
For you're as beautiful
As a flower under the first ray of light
Coming from the newborn sun
And for it is glory and bliss
To love you.
:iconnitzanhavoc:NitzanHavoc 3 0
You see me and you wish to hide
You sense the monster that's inside
You poorly judge me based on sight
I haven't told you, but you're right
You only fear what you can see
I haunt you in your memory
If only I could, I'd also hide
From me, the monster that's inside
Now I lay me down to sleep
Pray the Lord my soul to reap
If only I die before I wake
Pray the Lord my soul to break.
:iconnitzanhavoc:NitzanHavoc 0 5


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My Grandmother Today
Time flies,                 Dreams die.
Memories fade away As
   photographs turning grey     Hush…  
  A wandering mind.
A far off future
So far away. Everyday
Creeping closer,
Blue eyes,   Tired eyes.
Crawling that much closer             To
closing infinitely             You
Smile while you can.     
Kisses on the cheek
All the ones you gave.    Comfortable
:iconlassiebob:LassieBob 1 4
Israel Defence Forces Poster :iconkuname:Kuname 21 15
In Scandinavia
I cannot speak for the rest of the world
but in Scandinavia we have been deceived.
in Scandinavia you get computers for free
in Scandinavia people are pretty and quiet and nice
here you can live a happy life, just hold on to your world
and don't let them tell you you're wrong
they do that in Scandinavia
even though they all feel bad.
in Scandinavia they'll tell you that love is what binds us together
in Scandinavia they tell you to follow your heart
yet the brain can capture a universe
the heart only a part, and isolate it
it does that in Scandinavia
even though it's already cold up here
in Scandinavia, the stronger the heartbeat the more selfish the act
in Scandinavia we laugh at North Korea
the citizens there aren't free and they believe their leader to be righteous and holy
here we believe that certain people are meant for each other
they aren't in Scandinavia
even though they've planned a future
in Scandinavia there is plenty of money
everyone a babe and everyone a honey
the televi
:iconliedy:Liedy 14 11
Call me Ishmail and Moby,
and Dick and Tom, not Harry
Harry was my father
and it still reeks of whiskey
and a hollow house
that silence settled long ago.
Actions speak louder
than lips, and a tongue
is more at home
with a partner, not alone
to tie itself in ribbons
and forget just how to speak
a mind so full of trouble.
Nobody knows Jack,
or Jane, or just what your
mother used to call you
before she lost her head,
or what you have become
or just what you are,
and are not anymore.
But you know that a child
is all that is left,
with the rest being
shades of gray, that fill
A book lost in translation.
:iconkhiri-543:Khiri-543 10 15
I am: Past
I am always there,
Lingering behind.
And when you turn to stare,
I flit across your mind.
I haunt your dreams,
I give you peace
Our stories intertwine.
You cannot erase
So turn and face
The already written line.
You forget me-
You resent me
I am your darkest fear.
And though you may pretend,
I am here.
I am a rainstorm- I am the sun
I am a moonbeam
I am one.
I am past.
:iconlassiebob:LassieBob 12 3



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Any ideas? I'm not too good with "positive"... All I could think of was "Years from now men will look back and say that I gave birth to the 20th century" -Jack Ripper or "You could have it all, my empire of dirt, I will let you down, I will make you hurt" by NIN. And of course there's "F*ck me, I'm all out of enemies" by SlipKnoT (to whom I've been listening for over 10 years so spare me your musical critique).
Catch my drift? I'm not good with positive. Positive isn't me. I am who I am by being anything but positive. I'm trying, struggling, to change that. I want a new self. A better self. A happier one. Yes, I sound like a New-Age shampoo commercial, how awful!.
Come on. Try to help, it won't cost you anything. Or did you click "watch" just to fish for more favourites like 95% this site?
Be all you can be... and think of a cute and cuddly motto. It'll only hurt a bit.


Nitzan Havoc
Poet. Writer. Gamer. Patriot. DM/GM. Philosopher. Teacher.
BPD afflicted.


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שלום ואלוהים יברכו אותך
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